About Fi

Hey! Welcome to Calligrafi DesignUK.

Hey I am Fi, I am a wife, mother of 3 and a small business owner. 

I like to operate life with a smile and choose to put a positive spin on most things. My Passions besides eating (is eating a passion hehe) are watching MasterChef. Pretending to recreate the dishes I have watched in MasterChef and drinking hot drinks. I started Calligrafi ( a merge of Calligraphy and Fi - hehe) in July 2020 and the adventure that is business just keeps getting better.

Calligrafi is a handmade stationery brand. I design and create handmade bespoke products, that are essentially centred around my faith and love for stationery and personalised gifts.

I specialise in Calligraphy and Hand Lettering and in July 2020 I launched my shop selling cards and custom pieces from my very own dining room table. I soon realised I had a desire to design and create more handmade products so in November 2020 I launched my first gifting range, and I haven’t looked back.

About Calligrafi you will find different things, from; handmade stationery (yes, I make all items in house no large manufacturers found round here) to a personalised gift for a friend or 3 hehe! I love that I can create something that is unique and personalised and designed with a person in mind whilst creating it.

My faith is an anchor is which all this rests and was effectively birthed from. Wanting to encourage people in scripture through calligraphy. And you will see themes of it running through my store. I am continually developing my ranges and refining my techniques to bring you the best quality and ethically sourced products. That are full of joy and encouragement and of course beautiful for you and their recipients.

So, stay tuned in, sign up for my mailing list.

And have the best day that you can!

Much Love Fi x